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Sunday School

Every 2nd Sunday of the month our youth here at BAME Perris lead the worship service, Sunday School is from 9:15am - 10:15am, Sunday mornings. We have classes for the whole family. Sunday school lessons are designed to be used as a building block to enhance the understanding of God's Word for the day.

Youth Shut In/Family night

Youth  Shut In/Family Night is held the last Friday of each month 
This year's theme is

This is a blessing and an opportunity for families from the community to dine together in God's House, and explore, discuss, question and analyze God's Word on a more personal level.

​Family Night consists of two classes.
     Class A is designed for Parents and Children. This class will outline one of the nine Fruits of the Spirit each month.  
Class A also includes a detailed PowerPoint Presentation filled with humor, videos, songs of love, and God's everlasting Word.

     Class B is designed for  ALL "Kids at Heart". The young and the old! This class includes games, learning activities, prizes and healthy competitions.


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